Sparkling Exellence.



0,75 l. 11,5% vol.
Testacalda is a pure Lambrusco di Sorbara Spumante Metodo Classico made with the ancient and traditional method of refermentation in the bottle with final disgorgement. Ideal with chacuteries, ramen, noodles, but also a carbonara pasta. Serve at a temperature of 6 – 8 ° C.



0,75 l. 12% vol.
Il Trovador, a pure Lambrusco di Sorbara made with the antique and traditional method of refermentation in bottle; therefore a wine obtained without final disgorgement, which differs from the more common traditional method. Perfect to accompany dishes like charcuteries, vegetal or fish tempura. Serve at a temperature of 8 – 10° C



0,75 l. 11% vol.
Slightly sparkling dry red wine, with a nicely light colour and balanced body, pale rosé and very fine froth by natural long fermentation obtained from the best Lambrusco Sorbara grapes, with a fruity bouquet. Particularly suitable to accompany traditional cuisine from Emilia and also with seafood and sushi. Serve at a temperature of 10-12° C.



0,75 l. 8% vol.
Slightly sparkling ruby red wine, sweet, with an intensely red colour, vinous, fruity and with a violet scent, obtained by natural fermentation from the best Lambrusco Grasparossa grapes. Lively and fading froth of a strong rosé colour. It is suitable with spicy and indian food, BBQ, pizza, mixed fruit salad and jam tart. Serve at: 8° C.



0,75 l. 12% vol.
Slightly sparkling intense ruby red wine. Pleasant and persistent bouquet with cherry and violet scent. It’s dry, fruity, fresh, lively and pleasantly harmonious. It is suitable with red meat, grilled meat, roasted and stewed meats. Asian food. Serve at a temperature of: 12 – 14°C



0,75 l. 10% vol.
Slightly sparkling ruby red wine, semi dry, vinous and intense bouquet, with a characteristically fruity scent, obtained by natural fermentation from the best Lambrusco Salamino grapes. Intensely red colour, with a lively froth, sparkling and fading . Suitable with pasta dishes, roasts and ham. Serve at temperature of: 12 -14° C.

The Wines

The pride and joy of Cantina di Soliera are our Lambrusco di Sorbara, Salamino di Santa Croce, and Grasparossa di Castelvetro wines. Sorbara is the authentic grape of this land of Emilia, the historic heir to the ancient Vitis vinifera silvestrisSorbara is a distinctive and inimitable Lambrusco grape, the only variety with female flowers that have to be pollinated. 

At Cantina di Soliera, we know that this anomaly can cause a drop in production, but thanks to the experience acquired over the last 36 historic harvests, a special vinification technique was developed to consistently guarantee a distinctive and inimitable Lambrusco.

Amongst the most noble crus from which Cantina di Soliera selects part of the grapes for this prestigious project, the estate has maintained a vineyard plot of some 4 hectares of ungrafted Sorbara grapes for over 50 years, from which the most authentic dry Sorbara wines are obtained. At Cantina di Soliera, the decades of experience of our people, joined with the warmth of the sun shining above the vines and the passion for Lambrusco, have given rise to a love story that is cheerful, sparkling, intense, balanced, and effervescent all at the same time.

The winery and its members

Cantina di Soliera is a cooperative winery and is part of an interprovincial group of wineries that boast a large and efficient production centre on the territory with a century of experience.

The group leader is the Cantina di Limidi winery, established in 1923, which then incorporated other wineries: Sozzigalli winery in 1957, Soliera winery in 1982, and Rolo winery in 2014. Today, the extensive wine-making activity involves the production of 25,000 tons of grapes.  

The Cantina di Soliera holds the record for the quantitative production of Lambrusco di Sorbara. For many years, a zoning project has been underway to extend the area of grape cultivation from the left bank of the Secchia river, a famous affluent of the Po, to the right bank, in accordance with the tradition. The cooperative currently has 422 members, and the production facility displays historic photographs that attest to the past and present of the Cantina di Soliera. The true protagonist is Lambrusco, a wine whose authentic and extraordinary spirit brings together the cuisine, the people, and the traditions of this hospitable land of Emilia-Romagna.

“Affonda le proprie radici in una storia ormai centenaria.”

History and the land

North of Modena between the Panaro and Secchia rivers, whose beds created a sandy soil ideal for the cultivation of prized Lambrusco di Sorbara grapes: this is where our vineyards grow.

The sunny microclimate and the soil containing both clay and sand have never changed. The presence of old vineyards, a testimony to the long tradition, still guarantees the production of grapes with consistently excellent organoleptic properties. At Cantina di Soliera, we know that the land plays an essential role in the success of the wine: the clay walls provide the well-structured flavour typical of Lambrusco, while the sandy soil is crucial for providing its elegant notes. These considerations led to the idea to launch a prestigious, special, and historic wine at the highest levels, like the Lambrusco produced by Cantina di Soliera.

“Soliera”, from which the winery takes its name, comes from the Latin solarium, namely “place exposed to the sun”. This is a fundamental element for cultivating a particular grape like Lambrusco effectively and gives the wine a pleasant and distinctive flavour.


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